When it comes to branding, your company name is a very important piece. Lobby signs also referred to as interior dimensional letters or reception area signs are beneficial to any organization or business. Lobby signs are a great way to turn a bare wall into an inviting, professional atmosphere whether it is a dean’s office, lobby, corporate office, or medical office. GDS Architectural Signage Solutions fabricates and installs dimensional letters used to build brands.

In creating reception signs our clients are happy with, we offer an array of lettering types to choose from. Here are some of our popular chosen types of letters:

Types of Lobby Signs

1. Foam Letters – When it comes to adding depth to a conference room or a lobby wall sign, foam letters are the most affordable option. An acrylic face can be added for an elegant look. Foam is one of the newest materials yet it is still taking the lead in the industry since its both multipurpose and eco-friendly.

2. Metal Laminate Letters- With this type of lettering, a thin layer of real metal is laminated to foam, acrylic, or PVC. To recreate your company’s logo, each design element is then routed out. There are a lot of color options as far as metal laminate goes.

3. Acrylic Logo Panels – Becoming one of the most popular types of interior signage chosen today. The panel itself is often 1/4” thick clear or white acrylic and is used to enhance lobby signs. The panel can be easily decorated with your logo or company name in dimensional letters using materials like acrylic, PVC, or foam. The combinations are endless.

4. Acrylic Letters – Acrylic is a very popular material choice when it comes to interior dimensional letters. Acrylic can be custom painted to match your company’s branding. In addition, logos and letters can be cut to the correct depth, height, and width you need.

5. Wood Letters – Wood is a great option for certain types of businesses because it creates an earthy feel. Wood letters can be routed to any shape, and they are very durable, especially since they are indoors.

What Areas Do We Cover?

Though our clientele covers the Northeast of the U.S., we have and are always readily available to handle clients anywhere else in the United States. We have clients in Alaska, Texas, and California as well. Contact us for a consultation and a quote on lobby signs today!