From entering the building’s parking lot, to finding your way from the conference room to the nearest restroom, static signage is highly necessary in any corporate facility. A well thought-out wayfinding system will improve important factors like safety procedures, brand recognition, and the everyday experience of those walking the building. Here are 5 reasons why your corporate facility needs to re-do your wayfinding system immediately.

1. Improving Safety Procedures

In case of an emergency, such as a fire, it’s mandatory to stay code-compliant while meeting mandatory code requirements. Products we offer, such as photo-luminescent staircase labels, or signs identifying exits and fire extinguishers are imperative.

2. Helps First Timers Find Your Building

In many cases, corporate buildings are often identical to those surrounding them. To assist visitors having trouble finding the building, we recommend our exterior solutions such as our architectural or directional signs.

3. Enhance Your Corporate Brand Recognition

By having a consistent brand or logo throughout your campus, you will confidently enforce your company message. We recommend matching your exterior efforts in correspondence to your interior designs such as on wall murals and room doors. It’s another method to advertise your business so why miss out!

4. Point Users To Their Appropriate Destinations

Security personnel and other staff may not always be there to guide users, so it’s imperative to include symbols and other helpful tools to direct users to the appropriate location.

5. Identify Conference Rooms Area and More

Often in large buildings, rooms look identical. To help distinguish one room from another, it may be a good idea to implement room identification signs to tell rooms apart such as a “staff restroom” from a “visitor restroom.”

Whether being a small or a larger corporate office building, it is extremely valuable and imperative to implement a wayfinding signage system for a number of reasons. Being in the business for over 20 years, GDS has practiced and perfected the highly beneficial service for every corporate client we have ever assisted. Let us exceed YOUR business expectations! Send us an email today for a quote from our project management team today at!