Our designers, installers, and project management staff offer comprehensive identity and wayfinding systems including signs designed to support information, direction, identification and safety needs. At GDS, we offer a wide variety of interior and exterior sign products renowned for their functionality, aesthetic simplicity & user-friendly qualities. These products can be used individually or as a starting point for an entire wayfinding system to be completed. Here are some of the options we offer when it comes to fulfilling the needs of a school, university, or college.

Complete Building System – Interior & Exterior

Our interior and exterior signage systems offer comprehensive identity and wayfinding systems including signs designed to support directions, identification, safety, security, and information needs.


We offer both permanent and changeable options for office systems. The sign products we offer are made to easily assimilate with any interior finishes, from modern to traditional. Some components have been created to balance one another in scale, allowing you to mix and match, selecting the right sign for the project each time.


Our educational wayfinding systems are proof that quality and affordability can be along the same line as one another. We will gladly provide quotations for projects of any size. Email us, and one of our personable Project Managers will be glad to assist you!

Standard and Custom Colors/Finishes Available

We offer a wide selection of standard colors, finishes, and custom options. In addition, our graphic designers will happily assist you in choosing the best options for your business/facility.

ADA and Code Compliant Products

As an experienced sign company, we have experience manufacturing our signs while meeting all code requirements. Some ADA standards may include raised letter and pictograms, Grade 2 Braille, installation height requirements, and more.

Maintenance and Durability

Made from high quality materials such as acrylic with silk-screened borders, our signs are created with ease of care in mind. Signs are strong, durable and easy-to-maintain by cleaning staff.

Permanent or Changeable Signage

Depending on its content or purpose, signage may have text that is unlikely to change over time, for example: lobby directories, room numbers and department identification signs, parking and traffic flow information, etc., In comparison, signs such as office or workstation signs that include employee names and titles, signs advising hazardous conditions, etc. may require constant updates.

GDS designs, fabricates, and installs sign systems that must accommodate the need for both permanent and changeable solutions. Our changeable signs are designed to allow paper inserts which can be updated virtually on computers and printers. Reach out to our team so we can develop the appropriate sign schedule for your next project!