As a prospective renter approaches an apartment complex, one of the first things they’ll notice are the apartment signs. Apartment signs serve as a visual communications method for possible and existing renters. It’s vital that the signs are continually updated since they have to give off a lasting first impression, while remaining professional-looking and placed in a very visible area. To ensure any possible leases and renewals, take note of these three tips.

1. Apartment Signs Shall Be Placed in Highly Visible Areas.

Apartment signs should be placed in spots where they are extremely visible from spectators who may be walking, driving, or biking, so they have a clear view of the information. The sign should not be covered by bushes or other plants blocking the spectator’s view. Sometimes a solution to the poor visibility at night time, could be installing landscape lights. Finally, higher contract, bolder and larger letter sizes help readability.

2. Apartment Sign Placement Is Just As Important As Its Visibility.

A signs placement and its visibility, go hand in hand together, while they have equal importance. By placing the sign in front of the apartment complex or unit number, will allow the connecticut amongst the two. Another idea to consider would be adding a permanent sign including the website and phone number under the property sign, in case a prospective renter is to have questions regarding the property they are considering.

3. Apartment Sign Maintenance Is Key For Great First Impressions.

The key for keeping a great impression on your apartment complex is by keeping up with the maintenance of the sign. For example, remember to switch out your advertising sign to a “now leasing” sign, this way it creates a sense of urgency for potential dwellers and spectators. Somebody should be in charge of cleaning the signs on a weekly basis, as well as adjusting them due to possible damaging weather conditions. The grounds crew may even be a good person held responsible for keeping the sign in check daily.

The higher the sign’s readability, the faster you can expect a response to a potential lease. Existing and even prospective renters are given information through apartment signs, and are even pushed more towards their decision based upon urgency. You can jump start your process of advertising, maintaining and placing signs, while permitting another method of communication between renter/leasing agent.