How Can You Improve a Patient’s Experience and Help Them Find Their Way Around the Hospital?

One of the main frustrations that visitors experience at healthcare locations branches from directional issues. Large hospitals and healthcare facilities have complex interiors, endless hallways, identical wings and confusing mazes of waiting rooms and stairways, which most patients and visitors have difficulty finding their way around. Staff members tend to be in a hurry, unable to provide dedicated assistance. That’s where wayfinding signage systems come handy. 

Getting Better with Wayfinding Signage Systems

As healthcare becomes more consumer-centric, the use of wayfinding systems not only makes it easy for patients to find their way around but also minimizes the administrative overhead of the facility. Directional Signs help patients feel connected as they worry about long hallways or waiting rooms.

How Do Signage Systems Work?

Signage systems are visually concerned with information systems, consisting of signs, maps, arrows, color-coding systems, pictograms, and different typographic elements. Signage systems vary from other approaches to information design because they are typically used to guide people’s routes through the physical word; road signs on a highway, station identification signs in a subway and overhead signs in an airport are all common examples of signage systems. The act of following a signage system is known as wayfinding.

Any collection of linked signs can be considered a signage system, but the term is usually used to refer to a group of signs with a concise and clear design and purpose. Often, much effort is put into creating an intellectual presentation for a sign that takes into account specific knowledge about humans’ reaction capabilities to typefaces and colors.

Our Experience with Signage Systems

GDS has been around for over twenty years, with office locations in Manchester, New Hampshire as well as Long Island City, New York. GDS Signs has over 400 satisfied clients, that include various nationally recognized hospitals, schools, and corporations. Although our client base covers Maine to Washington D.C. area. Some of our project highlights include everything from the interior, exterior and even digital signage areas. We are continually expanding our team and offering comprehensive services within the tri-state area.

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