Aluminum Stand Offs

Aluminum Stand Offs

Sign Standoffs, commonly known as mounts, are a smart and essential part of sign mounting hardware. Standoffs give signs a modern and finished appearance. Through the use of screws and wall anchors, standoffs are used to stabilize a sign to substantially any surface including wood, drywall, and concrete. Standoffs also contribute to holding the sign in place.

The Beginning

Steps Toward The Perfect Basic Standoff Installation:

  • 1. Decide the placement of the four screw holes in both the sign back plate and sign face.

*Tip:* Holes shall be drilled during fabrication before installation

  • 2. Adjust the signs’ mounting surface. (I.e., Wood, Drywall, Concrete)

For Wood, 4 Wood screams will be needed.

For Drywall and Concrete, four plastic wall anchors and four screws are required.

  • 3. Once you have chosen the approximate mounting location for the sign, hold the sign back plate against the wall surface.

*Tip* A level should be used to make sure the sign is aligned correctly.

  • 4. With the utilization of a pencil, smear the projected location of the hole for the screw. Garnish the sign back plate, and by using a drill bit, drill the correct pilot holes, going about 1″ thick.
  • 5. Enclosure the screws through the holes in the standoff bases and then the sign back plate. Make sure to tighten all screws until they are secure.
  • 6. Once the back sign plate and mount bases are protected, it is time for the sign face. Align the holes in the sign face over the standoff bases, screw the standoff end caps through the sign face and tighten by hand. A cap is what gives a sign a truly refined appearance.

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