Upon entering an educational facility such as a school, it’s highly important that it serves as a welcoming atmosphere for staff, students, and parents that enter the building. The GDS team has a lot of wayfinding experience managing and creating large scale projects for grade schools, universities, and other types of educational institutions.

The Initial Meeting

A school can be intimidating for students such as young children, that’s why we want to create or re-create the perfect atmosphere. Principals and others that hold authority in the educational administration want to ensure their school is both a welcoming and warm environment, so that’s where we come in! Our team of sign design and wayfinding experts meets with the school’s principals or deans where we begin analyzing, assessing, and planning what the best wayfinding system outcomes are.

Signs That Appeal to A Variety of Audiences

GDS puts thought into what “tone” or “attitude” we would want the signs to give off, and how it matches up to what would mutually appeal to the school’s wide variety of visitors. We aim to create a comfortable and uplifting establishment by using strategic graphic design and branding tactics, such as color psychology. We’ll combine strategic planning and branding with strategic planning ideas and come up with what’ll make a great outcome of both “being visible and approachable.”

A Welcoming Atmosphere Matters

In today’s world, a large quantity of tough educational challenges exists. Whatever the situation may be, it’s important to principals and staff to create and ensure the school or campus environment is a happy, less stressful place for students, parents, and the staff themselves. Not to mention, those working or learning in a school environment spend a lot of time and often refer to the school or given educational institution as a “second home.” For example, a school can contribute to its already stressful factor, by having unfamiliar signs or poor wayfinding systems.

How Can GDS Ensure You Have a Welcoming School?

Like our hospital and corporate wayfinding projects, our team at GDS uses a four-step process to analyze the overall atmosphere of the school. Starting with our Project Management team and ending with Installation, the process includes a facility examination, a walk-through of that school. Following the walk-thru, our project managers meet with other areas such as graphic designers, our production team and installers.

A thorough, well-planned wayfinding project determines how many clearly marked entrances and exits are appropriate according to the size of the building, which languages are needed according to the demographics of attendees’, and requirements that are to be met such as fire laws, according to that given location. Additionally, other factors may be included such as the tone used on signs such as maybe a more positive reaction like “please use another door” versus “no admittance.”

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