Typically, in urban-based facilities, it is challenging for both guests and patients to locate, understand, and maneuver themselves around. We found this to be the case for our clients at the Brooklyn Hospital.

By implementing branding along with pedestrian signage, we were able to successfully design, fabricate, and install a completely new signage system to better guide incoming and outgoing foot traffic throughout the facility.

We generated a changeable signage system suitable for its multi-lingual users that also allowed for managing incoming foot traffic to its countless buildings. Our team’s approach involved a unique assortment of multiple-purposed indoor and outdoor products.

While utilizing the structures’ existing branding color scheme, our Project Management and Design team designed, fabricated, and installed several different products. These products included floor graphics and flag-mounted identification signs to help users distinguish the buildings apart in its overpopulated, confusing Fort Greene location.

To solve its complicated multi-lingual users of patients, employees, and visitors, we designed an insert-based system permitting easily-changeable paper inserts that can adapt to its ever-changing, diverse environment.