NYC Mayor Orders Gender-Neutral Signage Immediately” width=”300″ height=”188″ />Mayor de Blasio’s Executive Order 16: Gender- Neutral Signage in Public Facilities

In March, Mayor de Blasio issued an executive order mandating the usage of bathrooms to be based by what an individual identifies their gender as, rather than what’s on their birth certificate.
With efforts to clarify current rules established by the city’s commission on human rights, the executive order requires the proper training for municipal workers on this policy, formulated to help 25,000 New Yorkers identified as transgender.

Bill de Blasio released the order and explained his thoughts of “defending the rights of one community is protecting the rights of all communities.” Executive Order 16 was put into effect immediately following this statement.

The new order put into place forbids admittance denial to any men’s or ladies’ room in correspondence with their gender identification. There will also be no required documentation to prove their chosen gender identity.

Not only does this law apply to restrooms, but it applies to all city-owned buildings – including recreation centers, agency offices, and public parks in locker rooms as well.

Though the executive law doesn’t apply to privately-owned businesses, nobody is to be denied the right to use facilities based on his or her gender identification. The Commission on Human Rights last year ruled that this would violate the city anti-discrimination laws.

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Every public facility will have to make changes immediately to avoid any heavy duty fines and penalties.

Luckily, GDS Architectural Signage Solutions is eager, motivated and ready to take action towards all of the designing, manufacturing and distributing of new signs to obey with Executive Order 16.
We have already begun this extensive process and look forward to helping our large client base of hospitals, medical centers, businesses, corporate facilities and more to avoid any unwanted penalties!

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