Due to continuous campus-wide complaints stating the existing restroom labels aren’t universal toward its users, the University of Missouri (MU) is determined to rename its “unisex” restrooms.

Hereafter, all restrooms to be utilized by both men and women will simply be re-labeled to “toilet.” This update is intended to honor student complaints of how the “unisex” label is actually restrictive and unkind.

An MU student, Sterling Waldman complained to the Columbia Missourian how “unisex is just such an uncomfortable and outdated word.” Waldman also added that the world excludes those identified as gender non-conforming individuals. As the social justice chair for Mizzou University’s student senate, Waldman effectively pushed for the student government to donate $5000 which would help update the signs throughout campus. A spokesman for the university has already begun the process of estimating the cost for all 28 unisex restroom signs to be replaced.

How Mizzou’s Planned Restroom Updates Promotes a Unified Campus

Although a costly project, updating signs can be very beneficial to any public environment such as a university campus. Our team at GDS has already completed signs to comply with recent gender-neutral laws for our clients in both Massachusetts and New York. Common positive feedback received from our clients includes how students, staff, and other building occupants reported the new sign changes revealed and ensured a more safe and comfortable environment for those previously affected by the harsh preexisting conditions. Some preexisting conditions included bullying and students feeling “unwelcome” or “out of place” when entering the restrooms.

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