As you know, schools and universities have reputations of having stressful environments, so why contribute to the students and faculty’s stress with outdated, confusing wayfinding signage? Our team at GDS has over twenty years of experience, where our project managers, installers, and graphic designers lead small and large-scale wayfinding projects for a wide variety of schools and institutions. Don’t let your campus have a bad reputation- College students have become pickier than ever with their chosen place of higher education!

Create A Positive Wayfinding Experience

A crucial part of university services has to do with campus wayfinding and how positive of an experience it gives its visitors. While many students and faculty are familiar with college locations, new students, prospective students, family members, and other visitors typically need assistance in navigating the campus. Often, college buildings and dorms look alike, so it’s difficult to distinguish the buildings from one another. That’s where our professionals can come in to strengthen visitation with direct walking paths on the school campus, dynamic mapping, and navigation; changes like these, in turn, will have a great impact on the university’s brand as well.

Strengthen Campus Involvement

Even established students will stick to their known corner of the college and may not leave that area to discover other buildings, events, and sites, so it may be a good idea to strengthen campus involvement with signage! A self-motivated sign system will ease a college or university’s campus, turning it into a more vigorous intellectual community. Keeping the possible positive results in mind, take a look at how GDS Signs and wayfinding signage can transform the way people feel and interpret your higher education institution. Here are a few of the campus wayfinding features we offer:

– Permanent, long-term, and short-term directional
– Parking
– Routes
– Maps
– Kiosks
– Banners
– Digital (exterior)

1.Communication & Campus Maps: this included soliciting input from the campus community, printable campus maps, interactive website maps, and links to maps on the new campus mobile app.

2.Location & Direction Signage: this included signs for all buildings (primary and secondary entrances), directional signs (vehicle and pedestrian), street signs, parking lots, and pathways.

3.Campus Perimeter Signage: this included campus entrance signs, guard station, possible digital signage at entrances, and other perimeter signs (both monumental and informational, e.g. tobacco-free campus).

4.Other Campus Signage: this included kiosks, banners, event signs, and the campus posting policy for temporary signs.

School’s around the corner, so don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to make your campus or facility, or school a more appealing place to be for students, staff, and parents! Start the process by sending any inquiries via email or by calling one of our friendly Project Managers at (888)437-9993!