In order to protect the violence associated with transgender discrimination in public places, Republican Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts has officially passed the new bathroom bill. As of October 1, 2016, all facilities must have turned over their signage in order to obey the new Bill H.4343.

Baker’s Decision on Bathroom Bill H.4343

In defense to his decision, Baker stated how no individual in the state should be discriminated against based on their gender identity. Furthermore, he explained the new bathroom bill provides “additional protections” to those identifying with a gender different than on their birth certificate.

What Changes Will Bill H.4343 Bring to Public Areas in Massachusetts?

Bill H.4343 will affect owners of hospitals, schools, restaurants and in other public places such as gym locker rooms in that, they will have to provide training, new paperwork and new restroom signage to pass inspections that are to come immediately.

The law called “an Act relative to transgender anti-discrimination,” and that it must “grant all persons admission to, and the full enjoyment of, such place of public accommodation or portion thereof consistent with the person’s gender identity.” Like New York State Mayor de Blasio, the state of Massachusetts is taking Bill H. 4343 very seriously.

How Will GDS Assure You’ll Pass Your October 1, 2016?

Our team at GDS Architectural Signage Solutions has already completed our New York hospitals and other clients’ restroom signage to conform with New York’s Executive Order 16, and we have already started the sign design process for our Massachusetts’ clients.

Our team is full of Project Managers and Graphic Designers who are highly educated and experienced on the new bill and are looking forward towards now helping Massachusetts facilities directors and building owners with their new sign updates. We have already begun diligently working on all current clients in Massachusetts, making sure they are all to pass upcoming inspections.

GDS takes this issue and our clients very seriously and we want to avoid facilities from getting fined or jailed for having signs that are deemed offensive to transgender activists. October 1,2016 is right around the corner so don’t wait to renew!

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