In order to create the perfect wayfinding system, it’s important to accommodate their different areas including exterior vehicular, interior pedestrian, and exterior pedestrian. When all three of these systems run together smoothly, it results in a successful wayfinding solution for visitors.

Preliminary Meeting

To start off the process correctly, we have an onsite meeting with the client or potential client. We meet with a number of different individuals from all department from administration all the way up to those who carry managerial positions. We meet with different individuals to gather different point of views and opinions. The initial meeting is also a time where we gather site plans, survey photos, and graphic standards. It also serves as a purpose of preparing project timelines, budgets, and determining possible code issues as well as additional language needs.

Traffic Flow Analysis and Detailed Site Surveys

In this part of the process, our team of designers ​took note of the existing signage and site conditions, room identification, and code information. Locations and relationships between parking, entrances, elevators, stairwells, and safety equipment will also be recorded. In addition, photos will be taken and ADA and accessibility issues will be documented. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow analysis will consist of problem areas and decision points.

Wayfinding Analysis Report Performance

The wayfinding analysis will include a thorough exam of any possible pre-existing facility conditions, problems,and sanctions for future stated solutions. These solutions will be included introductory designs of exterior and interior sign families, and an explanation of why these accurate designs will improve communication. The presentation is to also include a detailed message schedule integrated into a site plan that clearly illustrates the text for each specific sign destination. In this process, we’ll also present images of the proposed sign designs covered into photographs of the existing environments, and plans for directing pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Design Revisions and Final Approvals

Following the wayfinding analysis report presentation, our team will implement the demanded design, site plan, and message schedule revisions. After final approval, our team will succumb a project timeline with timeframes for each stage of the project and milestones to be completed by each party.

It’s Project Management’s Time to Shine

Once plans and designs are approved, the next step for your project is entrusted to our hardworking and devoted project managers. Our project management team controls every detail of the process – internally and externally. This process includes permitting, approvals, and finally installation.

Our Project Team Steps In

As it will be the basis for fabrication, the next stage of the process is where our production team takes over and prepares shop drawings. In this process, our team dedicates time and resources by using 3-dimensional software that allows them to plan and document all the fabrication details. When shop drawings are finally approved by production management, they are passed onto fabrication.


After the engineering aspect is completed by our production team, the project moves forward to fabrication on our shop floor. Our facility is readily equipped for big jobs including our large format UB printers, that allow our team to print durable, weather resistant graphics.

The Installation Process

Shortly after the signage components are fabricated, our team of installers and our service vehicles are safely packed and installed safely and accurately in their destination. Our project management team directs this installation process in each individual stop including a post installation walk-through, follow-up, and continuing sign maintenance.