Because professional buildings are often large, complex, and difficult places to navigate, users repeatedly make complaints of getting lost, in these already stressful environmentsIn fact, billions of dollars are lost annually due to missed or late appointments associated with poor directions. After meeting with a client experiencing these issues, our expert team came up with the perfect solution: an Integrated Wayfinding Signage System.

To complete the successful signage program, we performed a comprehensive wayfinding analysis, urging the business to invest in a brand new family of signs. While utilizing a system of computer-generated inserts allowing for easy changeability, the signage system ref

resh consisted of anything from wall-mounted directionals to tactile letters.

Each of the signs were customized to reinforce the facility’s branding efforts, while meeting code requirements and reflecting its color scheme, logo, and company name. As a result, this hea

lthcare center’s wayfinding system, complements the building’s architecture and style, while navigating clients to their desired destinations.

Is it time for a completely new, turn key wayfinding system in your building? Speak to one of our signage experts at Mention where you found us!