Looking to show potential clients who made the organization what it is? Looking to prove to potential donors that giving is recognized within your nonprofit? Then, Donor Recognition systems are the answer!

How Can They Benefit Your Organization?

If you’ve ever walked into community-based organizations, grade schools, or college halls, you’ve probably noticed plaques or walls displaying names of people who have dedicated time, money or devotion in helping a cause. Over time, the design has improved tremendously and our team at GDS knows exactly how to create aesthetically-pleasing donor signage that will definitely drive donations. The more customized your donor system is, the better place you put your organization in.

Giving Your Organization the Ultimate First Impression

With our perfectly customized donor signage, you’ll leave a perfect lasting first impression on your visitors. First impressions leave a huge impact on communities, donors, local businesses, and non-profit organizations. Donor recognition displays in the United States stand as a mandatory marketing tool for a number of decades.

Recognition systems must inspire donor commitment while increasing community building awareness. Both communication and recognition are equally important to these donor systems, including benefits subsequent for numerous of organizations. It’s not a bad idea offering nonprofits free ways to advertise either.

Why Keep Donor Recognition Updated?

You’ll find that your fundraising drives will change as often as your donors, so you should always display unique and well-designed donor plaques which can be placed on poles or walls. Keeping your organization ahead of trending advertising is a great way to increase and encourage giving from both new and existing donors.

Many nonprofits, schools, and other organizations are starting to rethink their strategy with their organization’s future in mind. That being said, they may want to easily be able to add donor names when needed. While deciding on your next donor obligation, remember that today’s donor recognition systems security should not be a fear since they clasp securely to walls.

Planning on changing over your donor recognition system and don’t know where to start? Put us up to the task! Call one of us at (888) 437- 9993 or info@gdssigns.com!