Did you know that nurses only spend 19% of their time in patient care activities? Did you know that during a 10-hour daytime shift, nurses travel between 1 and 5 miles?

A hospital time and motion study conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation measured how nurses spend their work shift. Changing hospital design and work procedures has the potential to improve the patient experience. By maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of nursing care is critical to patient safety.

This study suggested how “two interrelated elements – nurse work processes and the physical hospital environment – contribute to the efficiency and safety of patient care.”

In conclusion, this study suggested:

“The time and motion study identified three main targets for improving the efficiency of nursing care: documentation, medication administration, and care coordination. Changes in technology, work processes, and unit organization and design may allow for substantial improvements in the use of nurses’ time and the safe delivery of care”.

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