Don’t underestimate the power of vinyl floor graphics and their positive influence in your professional environment. Not only can these high performance floor graphics handle the flow of foot traffic in your hospital, office, or educational environment, but they can act as business marketing and development tool. A study done by suggested that these graphics can boost sales by 20-30%. You may want to consider adding this cost-effective option into this year’s marketing budget!

Why Should One Consider Such a Product?

1. They are durable, affordable and effective.
2. They are underrated products that have been around for ages
3. They are easy to install, and available in multiple materials and adhesive options For example, vinyl
4. Our design staff can customize them to fit the needs of the organization’s branding efforts and the needs of the visitors, patients, employees, and more.

Floor Graphics and their Role in Advertising

When it comes to grabbing the attention of new customers, businesses often utilize expensive advertising methods such as billboards and magazines, but why not consider something simplistic and affordable, like these graphics? The graphic decals are gaining popularity in large buildings, as they are a creative wayfinding tool, directing visitors to their points of interest.

They can be tailored to a firm’s logo and color theme, impacting brand awareness, customer engagement, and even enhance ROI’s. There may be even less cases of people getting lost!

Vibrant, eye-catching floor graphics will imprint your brand name in your guests’ brain. As a result, they will be more inclined to recall the image, leading to a more widely spread “word of mouth.” In fact,’s study by a Radford University psychology professor, Joseph S. King, stated how attention directed downward abruptly focuses consumers’ attention, therefore making the words or images instantaneously meaningful and relevant. Why not add this to this year’s marketing budget!

Our Role in This Innovative, Advertising Product

When it comes to the designing and printing of these undervalued decals, GDS guarantees our floor graphics meet and exceed our clientele’s expectations. We’ll start by asking what type of environment you plan on implementing these products to, continuing the process from there to meet your wayfinding and branding goals.

Available in an array of materials and adhesive options, we have onsite design and printing capabilities that allow us to tailor the perfect floor graphic to fit your needs. Our team at GDS have printing abilities using our state-of-the-art digital printers.

We have designed, printed and installed these decals for many successful projects throughout our large client base including nursing homes, hospitals, universities, colleges, and libraries.

Ready to discover the endless benefits of Floor Graphics by GDS? Stop waiting around and contact one of our Senior Project Managers at info@gdssigns.comom right away!