The tragic events that occurred September 11th, 2001 were devastating but brought a lot of safety laws into effect over the years. New York City has been continually making new recommendations ensuring that high-rise buildings are safer than ever before. The Federal 9/11 Commission has held countless hearings, the City Council Committee on Housing and Buildings and by the World Trade Center Building Code Task Force, resulting in these new improvements. Is Your Facility by the new Local Law 26?

GDS Architectural Signage Solutions takes action after NYC issues building safety laws

If you weren’t already aware, the Local Law 26 requires owners to install photoluminescent exit markings and signage at all Exit doors, stair and pathways leading to Exits.

This includes:

  • Non-Slip Floor tape

  • Handrail Tape

  • EXIT/NOT AN EXIT Signage

  • All photoluminescent products to be tested by an independent laboratory and approved by the Department of Buildings’ Material and Equipment Acceptance Division (MEA). In addition to these new requirements stated above, the New York City Fire Commissioner will require office building owners to formulate emergency action plans for full building evacuations. The current law requires evacuation plans for fires and plans for additional non-fire related events including Blackouts, Hazardous Incidents, and Natural disasters.