Englewood Exterior Identification Signs

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is one of New Jersey’s premiere healthcare facilities. This is demonstrated not only by their commitment to high quality medical services but with their welcoming atmosphere. As they continue to enhance the campus with building additions, they find new and exciting opportunities to engage their patients and visitors. No area is more evident than the new entrance fountain that leads directly onto the property.

This massive structure features a traditional brick base that lines the two main roads leading into Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and wraps around an incredible fountain pool. These elements alone are enough to attract the attention of any visitor but administration did not want to stop there. In an effort to elevate the patient experience they decided to include elements of wayfinding and identification signage on opposing ends of the structure.

While the idea was there to do something, it wasn’t until Englewood reached out to GDS that these architectural elements were really developed. Through creative collaboration we were able to design two separate signage components that complimented one another and brought a level of functionality to the initial campus decision point.

While one end boats an internally illuminated monument sign, branded in Englewood blue and embedded in the brick base, the other promotes the hospital via high end dimensional letters. The monument includes high performance LED strip lighting and assists traffic in both directions while the letters are marine grade and sit on top of cascading granite fountain tower. Each was fabricated in completely different manners but work in beautiful harmony.

We at GDS are very proud of these signage elements and look forward to assisting in the design, fabrication and installation of the rest of Englewood’s exterior signage system. If you are every in the neighborhood, stop by and check out our work!

exterior identification sign

Englewood’s Exterior Custom Fountain Sign