Through GDS’ Design and Planning consulting services, Elmhurst Hospital Center effectuated a campus-wide insert-based interior signage refresh.The wayfinding and identification programs we developed direct the flow of traffic through the Hospital’s  labyrinth of Wings and Annex Buildings, all while incorporating the many languages that encompass the facility’s mixed population.  We completed the First Floor as of 2015 and are continuing on the upper floors with an anticipated completion of Spring 2016.

Simulatneoulsy, GDS and Connexient are working with Elmhurst to execute an approach that will complement this static signage by embracing new technologies via  smartphones, digital signage and kiosks. The marriage of these complex systems will allow for a full-circle solution, exponentially enhancing the overall pedestrian experience.

Project Manager: Sarah Martin
Lead Designer: Chris Glanzman
Total Project SqFt: 75,000