GDS is committed to operational and manufacturing practices that reduce our ecological footprint and encourage environmental sustainability. By reducing our impact on the environment, future generations can enjoy a clean place to live that remains rich in natural resources.

At The Roots

GDS implements sustainable practices within our offices, preventing waste and encouraging recycling of office supplies. We source SFI Certified copy paper that uses sustainable forest management in the production process. We recycle used paper, cardboard, and ink cartridges and bring our residual UV ink to a Hazmat facility for safe disposal.

Core Values

The GDS New Hampshire office is located along the Merrimack River in the historic Manchester Millyard. By repurposing the space, previously constructed for textile manufacturing, the interior has been retrofitted to accommodate modern technology while maintaining its historical properties on the exterior. We coordinate combined delivery and installations to reduce our emissions, ensuring that our environmental consciousness sees a project through to completion.

Branching Out

To extend our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, GDS sources out manufacturers and suppliers that practice our same values. Our vendors assign single delivery days to our locations to reduce their carbon emissions and carry out the same recycling efforts as GDS.