Coney Island Hospital is one of the more historically rich and recognizable healthcare facilities in the New York area. Located just off of the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, this hospital is a hub for the communities medical needs for over a century and continues to grow as the years pass by. Since they have been around so long it was always assumed that visitors knew the proper areas to enter the campus to get to their desired location. In reality the location of the hospital presented challenges when it came to easy navigation.

Through a couple of walk thrus and site surveys it became clear to GDS that their current wayfinding system was barely effective and needed an upgrade. The existing sign system included non-illuminated, dull colored pylon structures that were installed at awkward locations, almost hidden form the general public. We developed a system of LED illuminated pylon beacons for each decision point that could be encountered by vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These additions along with new LED illuminated channel letters and non-illuminated flag signs helped create a more full and direct system of campus navigation.

Project Manager: Chris Glanzman
Lead Designer: Chris Glanzman
Total Project SqFt: 55,000