In academics, wayfinding can be described as the signage or information systems that guide users through an environment while enhancing their comprehension of the area. Wayfinding is particularly mandatory in complex “built” places such as in healthcare and educational campuses, malls, stadiums, office centers and in urban centers.

Wayfinding particularly refers to signs, maps, directories and other visual communication tools used to convey location and directions to the endless list of users. Wayfinding systems will help these users get from Point A to Point B.

Wayfinding is designed with creativity and if well thought out, it will help build a brand while acting as decor for that place. This is because wayfinding means being thoughtful of user’s navigation needs while adhering to the ADA, which helps incorporate your business’ logo, colors, graphics, ultimately creating a great branding experience.

Incorporating a consistently branded wayfinding system goes beyond the facility’s interior. It’s important to emphasize on keeping consistency from your parking lot to miles away, like flag signs throughout the surrounding city your building is in. Keeping a consistent brand will develop trust with potential and current clients.

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