There’s a lot to think about when it comes to mapping out your establishments’ signage. You’ll have to worry about complimenting your signage with your chosen branding image, which will either make or break your company’s first impression. In order to help your company through this process, we have provided you with 8 common mistakes to avoid while designing your sign.

1. Color Clashing

Often, colors are clashing on signs. It is important to recall from those elementary school art classes, that there’s such thing as complementary colors and contrasting colors. You’ll want your letters to contrast with the surface on which they are applied to. The contract doesn’t mean clash. It’s a good rule of thumb to always choose a letter color or finish that’ll stand up in contradiction of the background color but not look too flashy.

2. Using Spacing Correctly.

It is often forgotten how important it is to measure first. Ever notice how some signs look bad when running out of the room at the end or just if the lettering gets wrapped up awkwardly? Another thing to consider with letter spacing is how subtleties won’t notice while typing up on a computer than a letter “W” will get closer to a letter “A” than it would to the letter “L”.

3. Failing to Think Out Font Choice.

Your font choice matters more than you think when it comes to signage. You’ll definitely want your font to choose to be legible. That being said, classic fonts are the best way to go. Stay away from fonts for your sign that are goofy, making it impossible to read. Also, maybe it’s a good idea to just steer clear of Papyrus or Comic Sans.

4. Confusing an Image with a Logo.

A logo should be simple and easily recognizable even if one was to squint their eyes, making their vision blurry. A big mistake is confusing a logo with an image. Keep it professional. Show your logo to somebody not looking closely with your branding, to determine their initial thoughts.

5. Installing Improperly.

First off, it’s a good idea to get a paper template of your letters to help with spacing. Having a template also avoids embarrassing mistakes such as putting your letters  upside down or backward. To an untrained eye, it’s hard to tell which way is backward for letters such as A, M, or W or upside down like the letters S, H, K, C, and B.

When it comes to outdoor signs, wood letters are a popular and economical choice. Wooden letters are to be primed and painted, usually with multiple layers of outdoor protective coatings. Try to avoid drilling holes through the face of the letter to mount them with screws. Holes in the finish allow for unneeded moisture and the letters will separate. Letters can be mounted with adhesive or special hardware that attaches to the letter’s backing.

6. Using the Wrong Material

People may assume that the more expensive lettering they chose for their sign, will make it a better sign; However, that’s not always the case. Some sign materials are pricey because they are made to withstand harsh weather condition, whereas others are made to tarnish and age quicker. There’s no point in spending extra if it’s not guaranteed to last longer.

Acrylic letters will last a lifetime outdoors without fading or cracking, but they do not impact resistant, therefore they wouldn’t make the smartest choice for a business with a rocky parking lot.

The letters may not be a bad material, but if put in the wrong situation, they may not perform as well as we’d want them to.

7. Not Balancing Space and Sizing Surrounding Lettering

Prior to getting the letters for the sign, make sure you measure where the destination of the size will go first. Next, size your lettering according to that measurement. Around the letters, there should be a balanced amount of negative spacing.

In addition, there’s a general rule about letter height in correspondence to viewing distance.

8. Bad Location

Map out where your sign will be placed. You won’t want to place the sign in a spot where as soon as Summer comes, you realize the one tree in front of your business or hospital is blocking your sign half the year.

The Bottom Line

You’ve already invested time and money into ensuring your logo, website, and other business images look professional, don’t forget about bringing attention to your sign. By having an eye-catching physical hospital front or school entrance can speak volumes for your brand’s image and follow these tips will bring you closer to there.

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