In the past year alone, the International Sign Association (ISA) has been working hard to improve the City of Chicago’s sign code with an alliance that includes the Illinois Sign Association, several area chambers of commerce, and many small, locally-owned businesses.

It was only a year ago that a bill was introduced, rationalizing the sign permitting process, leading to speedy results in April. ISA’s hard work has rapidly grown momentum over the last week, and recently the Chicago City Council passed our bill into law!

As a result of this, Chicago-based small businesses and sign companies find this very beneficial. Waiting time has been cut by up to 80%, which is also very beneficial for local retailers and merchants. Now, a store opening up in Chicago won’t have to wait up to 5 months for approvals on a new sign.

This is a huge win for sign and graphics companies because now they can provide the signs their customers need in an appropriate fashion. It also serves as a contributing factor that the sign and graphics industry was able to positively affect a city that is one of top three metropolitan areas in the city. That isn’t always an easy thing.

More importantly, the great city of Chicago is starting to comprehend the economic value that signage industry brings to local businesses in the community.

ISA continues to support business and to bring positive changes to sign codes in Chicago and across the country.