If you have a hospital, business, facility, school, or any other type of establishment, you’ll need signage- on the exterior and the interior alike. Necessary signs in these types of buildings include entrance signage, mounted above a building’s entrance, a self-sufficient sign by the road, a sign indicating operating hours, and interior identification signs to spot rooms and designate guidance information. Signs are extremely vital in your efforts towards branding your organization and attracting people, which in turn, becomes clients, customers, and brand awareness. The entire process can be overwhelming, leading people to need help in finding the sign company that creates what you envision for your facility. Here are 5 top qualities you should search for in a high-quality signage manufacturer.

1. Designers in Sync With Current Trends and Are Willing to Work Alongside, Every Step of Your Sign Design Process

If you’re not an experienced designer, finding out how your sign should look in regards to structure and graphics is both challenging and time-consuming. Commonly, designs are impacted by regulations or simple logistical concerns, but if you have hired the right person to do the job, they will be able to come up with the appropriate alternatives. The sign company should be able to help with the sign design process, so be sure to employ experienced designers who are up-to-date with sign design trends and who will willingly work with you.

2. Able to Assist With Regulations and Permitting

Although the most unexciting part of the project is reading zoning codes, getting permits, and applying for variances is easily the most boring part of any signage project, it’s essential before moving forward with designing, manufacturing, and installing. Business owners are busy and don’t have time to read over lengthy documentation dictating what’s permitted or not permitted in certain areas or waiting for meetings to obtain a permit. A great sign company should have the ability to help you understand the regulations where your business is located and then handle the permitting processing for you.

3. Capability of In-House Manufacturing

You may want to question if the sign manufacturer has a facility where they can do things like fabricating their own channel letters and printing their own graphics or are these functions outsourced? A valuable sign company will have a manufacturing facility armed with hi-tech tools for accuracy, which will give accurate results over hand tools, making the process more efficient. Signs that are outsourced are more likely to needs repairs and lacking the same amount of quality.

4. Ability to Professionally Install and Repair

If it’s not properly and securely installed, even the best designed and manufactured sign won’t be good enough. The chosen sign company should have a ton of experience with installing an array of sign types, ideally if they are well-equipped with their own trucks and tools. This will allow them to readily arrive to assist you when needed. It’ll also be helpful if your sign needs repairs because they’ll help you get back to work quickly.

5. Capability to Provide You With Support Every Step of the Way

The sign company that offers constant support throughout the project lifecycle, serves as the most important trait. The chosen one should remain with you throughout the entire process, readily available to answer your questions and provide solutions to your problems. They should be with you from design to manufacturing to installation, and should be nothing but helpful during the whole process. If they show how helpful they are during the consultation process, they are more likely to provide that same support throughout the process of bringing the signage to life.

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