1. GDS Stands for “Grafton Data Systems,” named after the street that GDS was originally located on in Bedford, NH.

2. The GDS logo originally featured a “sun.”

3. In 1996, GDS was started with only two employees.

4. In 2010, GDS traveled all the way to Alaska to install a large scale project at Bassett Army Community Hospital. That’s 4,500 miles away!

5. GDS is national, having provided signage for projects in Maryland, Delaware, and Florida.

6. The official GDS vehicle used to be a green mini-van. Now GDS is fully equipped with a fleet of work vans and trucks.

7. There has been a Winnebago parked outside of the GDS Long Island City office for 15 months, taking up 3 precious parking spots.

8. The GDS NH office abuts the Merrimack River where it is frequently visited by Red Tail Hawks, even hosting a nest and two baby hawks in the office window.

9. The first machine GDS ever purchased was a vinyl plotter. 

10. Every winter, GDS employees host a “snow bank” competition, where employees guess on how long it will take for the last snow bank in the parking lot to melt. Payment is made in McDonald’s milkshakes.

Project Management
Environmental Graphic Design and Wayfinding Signage Services
Provider Name
GDS Architectural Signage Solutions ,
39-08 24th Street, Suite 5,Long Island City ,Queens-11101,
Telephone No.3474486812
United States
GDS combines expertise in environmental graphic design, current technology and project management for a complete, turn-key signage and wayfinding solution. Using state-of-the-art equipment, GDS can custom design and fabricate to any specification. GDS has a stringent quality control process in place, ensuring that every sign manufactured doesn't only meet but exceeds expectations.